Jamsphere.com: “Heart Away” carries his signature tones and emotions


The blend of EDM and Música urbana is an art that DEEPSYSTEM has totally mastered and dominated for years now. He and his production crew remain power players in the globalization of the Latin groove. As one of reggaeton music’s most vibrant characters in Europe he has continued to drop singles at a steady rate, and is now back with a brand new single entitled “Heart Away”. The song once again finds the artist exploring the power and mystery of love and passion.

It’s clear that, for DEEPSYSTEM, music is about more than simply making hits. Each of his tracks carry his signature tones and emotions. He is committed to creating music that is both catchy and authentic. “Heart Away” is a bright, powerful track. It is a dramatic and irresistible call to movement, self-expression, and passion. If the track doesn’t make you want to get up and dance with your loved one, you’re doing something wrong.

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