Oriental vibes fusioned with a reggaeton rhythm can mean only one thing!

DEEPSYSTEM’s latest single fuses reggaeton with a variety of other genres and cultures. The dance-heavy single is delivered in Spanish but boasts a strong Asian influence. Ancient flutes and guitars weave in and out creating an intoxicating melody as Latin percussion patterns create intricate dance rhythms. The vocals are delivered with a smooth confident demeanor adding the final touches to a complex recipe that is set to pack any dance floor and get every club moving.

The song was produced by Andrei Socoliuc (DEEPSYSTEM) & Andrei Murariu. The AA duo has also collaborated on DEEPSYSTEM’s previous tracks: ‘Masqouista’, ‘Rendez-Vous’, ‘The Sin of Life’ & ‘I Need You’.
Dame Locura’ is already hitting all the major digital media platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music & YouTube Music.

On another note DEEPSYSTEM’s summer hit ‘Hey My Love’ just hit 10 million views on .

For more information about DEEPSYSTEM’s new track visit www.deepsystem.ro.