P.R. – DeepSystem to Release New Song, “Hey My Love”


DeepSystem, a fast growing singer-artist in the international dance scene, is happy to announce the release of his new track entitled “Hey My Love.”

The song “Hey My Love” is about affection, love and care for a special someone. It is also about overcoming and fighting obstacles in order to win the heart of a girl. It’s intention is to motivate people to fight for the person in order to win his or her love. It  shows how beautiful it is to love and be loved.  The song essentially revitalizes one’s perception to love. It doesn’t matter if one is a punk or a rocker as this song will surely leave a space in everyone’s heart.

Renowned for his exceptional, timeless sound, DeepSystem has experienced phenomenal success both in the local and international scenes. He has conquered the world of music since the release of his first song. Most of his songs are aired on various radio stations all over the world. In fact, his songs are considered as one of the most requested songs amongst teens and mature people.


For more information about the latest song of DeepSystem, please feel to visit his website at http://www.deepsystem.ro .

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