P.R. – “I Need You” one of 2016 top summer songs by DeepSystem


DEEPSYSTEM releases a new song titled “I Need You” alongside with the official music video that can be watched through the official YouTube channel of the artist.

“I Need You” is a love song that expresses the need of the loved one in someone’s life,it’s created on positive dance beats in the catchy style of DEEPSYSTEM. The music and lyrics were written by Andrei Socoliuc and produced by Andrei Murariu. The music video was shot and edited by Andrei Lesan of Redcon Pictures.

DEEPSYSTEM is a Romanian dance singer and one of the young artists of today. He is the one at the back of some of the famous songs of today such as “Mr. DJ” , “Hey My Love”, “Indie Girl” and more. He started as a YouTube sensation and achieved success starting in 2009.

Official Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzR0ro_Pnog

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